About us

About us

About Us

Phonetastic GSM represents two visionary entrepreneurs’ brainchild, founded on their experience in sales and telecommunications and focusing on the ultimate goal of developing the global market for mobile devices trade.

Established in 2010, Phonetastic GSM started out with the mission of becoming one of the most important distributors of mobile devices at the global level. During our first decade since incorporation, we constantly doubled our turnover, year after year. We are still channeled on this growing trend this year, as well.

Our strategy is to become a one-stop shop for our customers, through a portfolio featuring a full range of products, through advanced know-how and consultancy, and through progressive rebate programs for our most active clients.

It took us only 3 years after the establishment of Phonetastic GSM to reach our first objective – becoming the top distributor on the mobile phones market in Romania. Our business continued to grow and expand to global markets by attending key industry fairs and events, such as CeBIT and IFA Berlin. Starting with 2010 we are a GSM Exchange partner.

Our success formula during this entire period was building strong and successful collaborations with top companies – such as electro IT retailers, e-Tailers, TelCO retail, service centers, insurance companies, traders, wholesalers as well as many independent customers.

At the present, Phonetastic GSM is doing business with partners in over 37 countries, among which:


At Phonetastic GSM, you will find a full range of mobility devices from top selling brands, among which Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, LG, Google, Amazon.

Our Mission

To become the preferred distributor for mobility devices with a comprehensive portfolio, and offer intelligent mobile & IT solutions for all business needs just in time.

Competitive Advantage

Rebate program
Full range of products from top brands
Flexibility and fast response time
A team of experts

The market for refurbished products has an accelerated development, already representing 10% of the entire market for mobile devices at the global level. We aim at exploring brand new markets with this type of product and, implicitly, educating the end consumer towards reusing these products, which are tested and refurbished in authorized service centers.

In practice, this philosophy translates into adding CPO and USED mobile phones, laptops, and tablets – which we are continually expanding – to our portfolio of brand NEW products starting with 2018.

Starting with July 2021, Phonetastic is the authorized distributor of the IoT (Internet of Things) devices from realme, for Romania and Moldova.

At the beginning of 2021, we extended our contract with Amazfit as their authorized distributor for Romania, Bulgaria, and Moldova.

Starting with 2018 we are the sole authorized distributor for Renewd brand in three countries: Romania, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Moldova. The Renewd brand offers top-quality premium refurbished devices. The warranty period for Renewd top quality premium refurbished devices is granted according to the local legislation and the clients’ business model (for instance, in Romania the warranty period is 2 years).

Our team’s strong points are a very good knowledge of the international flows for mobile devices, of the regional trends, and the real-time connection to the market information on stock levels and prices. We stay alert all the time and this allows us to continually offer our clients adequate stocks and the best prices and, at the same time, to reward loyalty with rebate programs.

Dedication, alertness, know-how, and pro-partners attitude – these are the values that define the Phonetastic team. We are more than 20 dedicated people working together to constantly optimize the operational flows and deliver the desired products to our clients just in time.

Phonetastic GSM Objectives

Objectives for 2021

Turnover: over EUR 58 mil
SKU value: 500
Business line: B2B clients, an authorized distributor of wearables and smart gadgets producers.
Services: buy-back, mobile insurance

Phonetastic GSM Strategy

High performance supply chain

We are building sales channels, as well as the entire supply chain around the needs of the specific business model for each category of clients.

Optimized Stocks

Real time connection to information and merchandize flows in the market allows us to offer our clients the best prices and maintain optimized stocks at all times.

Dedicated Professionals

An agile team of professionals who understand the trends in the global market and connect the clients’ needs with the suppliers’ needs in the best possible manner.

Phonetastic GSM at Global Level

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Our Management Team


George Ciprian Mocanu

HR Director

Carmen Brasovean



Logistics Director

Catalin Muraru


Brands in our Portfolio