Phonetastic Services for All Our Clients

For over 8 years, Phonetastic GSM has been a trusted partner for electro-IT retailers, wholesale companies, services, insurance companies and for mobile telephony operators (TelCO) at global level.

We give companies the opportunity to purchase mobile phones for 1 year and we buy them back at the end of the contract; this B2B product also includes the mobile insurance service.

Financial Solutions

We offer flexible payment terms and conditions, negotiated for each separate client together with our team of dedicated specialists.

Comprehensive Portfolio

You will find in our portfolio a wide range of mobility products from top selling brands:

Product Warranty

We offer the maximum period of warranty allowed by your local legislation (for example, 24 months for Romania) starting with the purchase date for all the products – including for Renewd brand. Thanks to an established partnership with a professional certified service center, all the products sold by Phonetastic GSM benefit from fast diagnose and professional repair.

Fast Delivery

For international deliveries we are working in partnership with DHL/UPS/TNT/DPD/DSV.

 The partnership with Urgent Cargus shipping company guarantees that our products reach any destination on the territory of Romania within 24 hours.

Physical Stocks

We ship every order at the shortest notice, even for large quantities of products, out of our 162 sqm warehouse.

The preferred one-stop-shop

for the entire range of mobility devices

for electro-IT & TELCO retailers, insurance companies, services, traders and wholesalers.

Phonetastic GSM

Why choose Phonetastic GSM

Back-to-Back Solutions

You can work with us on a back-to-back system.

Wide Range of Products and Brands

The Phonetastic GSM product portfolio features the most recent and popular devices produced by: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Alcatel, Allview, HTC, Google and Amazon.

Financial Solutions

Each client benefits from extremely convenient commercial conditions, negotiated for each individual case together with the Phonetastic GSM team of specialists.

Phonetastic GSM benefits for retailers

Phonetastic GSM benefits for retailers

  • Our portfolio consists of a wide range of top brands
  • All the offers are backed by actual stocks in the Phonetastic GSM warehouse, available in quantities optimized according to the demand
  • You can benefit from special commercial and payment conditions, depending on the creditworthiness analysis

Phonetastic GSM benefits for insurance & services companies

Phonetastic GSM benefits for insurance & services companies

  • Gain access to a wide range of products from top brands
  • You can rely on our efficient and fully operational logistics backbone
  • You can benefit from special tailored commercial and payment terms

Phonetastic GSM benefits for wholesalers

Phonetastic GSM benefits for wholesalers

  • Every day you get special offers at incredible prices
  • You have the guarantee of fast delivery from actual available stocks in the Phonetastic GSM warehouse