Premium refurbished products

Premium refurbished products

Renewd – Premium Refurbished Mobility Devices

Starting with 2018, Phonetastic GSM is the sole authorized distributor for the brand Renewd in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria.

The Renewd brand was founded as a response to the increasing demand at global level for premium refurbished mobile phones and laptops, with similar performance levels to those of brand new products. The devices sold by Renewd are refurbished by authorized premium service providers, using 100% original parts and components.

A Renewd mobile phone or smartphone looks like a new device and works in a similar manner to a product just coming out of the assembly line. The warranty offered for Renewd devices is similar to that offered for new devices.

Not a second-hand device

The Renewd mobile phones and laptops undergo rigorous performance tests before reaching the clients. Their exterior aspect is that of a product used with great care for 1-2 months, similar to a brand new device.
The refurbishment is performed by authorized premium service providers.

Up to 20% Smaller Prices

The prices of the Renewd range of devices are up to 20% smaller compared to the prices of the same models of brand new mobile phones or laptops. Plus, all the devices are delivered with data cable, charger, and the software updated to the latest version.

Why Choose the Renewd Devices?
  • All the devices are refurbished with 100% original parts and components
  • Each product is rigorously tested: over 80 control points tested
  • Operating system updated to the latest version
  • 2 years warranty, with free pick-up & return.

We are waiting for you to join the international trend, as a Renewd reseller.